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Sci-Fi: The Sector Earth Authority by Leovinas
Sci-Fi: The Sector Earth Authority
I was fooling around and came up with a Sector Earth Authority inspirational poster.  In the novels, the genuine article is often seen hanging from the side of old Threshold-era skyscrapers in Old Earth's more crowded cities.

...what, you didn't think Earth would be a nice place to live in my sci-fi, did you?  In truth, it's not bad in the Alliance territories, but they only hold 8% of the planet's surface.  The rest is under these guys.

In the year 450 ADH, the Authority is Old Earth's supreme government.  The Era of the Great Marches is long vanished, and the vast majority of Old Earth's mostly genetic-baseliner population is content with their lot - a diet of Terran exceptionalism, the Diaspora Irredenta, the Divinity of Humanity and news of a Diaspora which surely marvels at the splendour of the Homeworld, under a government which most of the Diaspora would happily see fall - if it wasn't the main bulwark preventing the attempted co-option of the entire United Earth Alliance into the populace's agenda.

The Diaspora Humanarum would not exist without Old Earth.  The Homeworld is the point of origin of Humanity itself, and, it is estimated of over 90% of the living things within the Inner Diaspora.  Four hundred and fifty years after the dawn of the era of the DH, Old Earth is no longer alone: the Inner Diaspora contains a two thousand stars and a hundred worlds where humans can walk unaided under the open sky.  Many of these hundred worlds are beacons of human civilisation, optimistically striving towards the future even if they might disagree on the path.  Old Earth is not one of those worlds...

...And, one day, that will be a very big problem.  For now, the rest of the Alliance Grand Council members are able to keep the Earth Authority's worst excesses in check, although there is precious little they can do for the billions of Terrans who live outside the scattered Allied Administrative Territories of Geneva, Jerusalem, East Africa, Singapore, Sumatra and Greater Kourou.  The demilitarisation of the Solar System is an added wrinkle - while it has prevented coups and successfully impressed the sanctity of the Home System on the Diaspora's governments and population, it has left the largest organised force in the system as the Earth Authority Gendarmerie.

None of this is admitted in public, not even on the most liberal Allied worlds such as Aion, Lu'an or Atlantaea.  Only outside the Alliance's borders is the rot at its heart truly visible.  And, as the Alliance accounts for fully half the human race on its own, that rot will be a very big problem.

One day.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
I'm a young novelist living in the south of Britain, not too far from London. I write fantasy and sci-fi, and who knows, I may even put the occasional extract or image up on here. :) I also think a lot of people on DeviantArt do fantastic work; you guys rock!

I've been writing my fantasy since 2001 and my sci-fi since 2002.

Current Residence: Reading, United Kingdom
Favourite genre of music: Classical, Soundtracks, Symphonic Metal
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iPod touch
Wallpaper of choice: Horizon by ~hameed
Favourite cartoon character: Danger Mouse
Hello, world.

I'm on here to keep up with the great work that the other Deviants put up, and to add my own.

Give you an idea of what I'm working on:

My fantasy: a Napoleonic/Victorianesque created world with squabbling colonial empires, crumbling religions, Byzantine politics and a magic system that's as realisitic as I could get.  No elves, dwarves, dragons, super-powerful magical artefacts, forgotten scions of long-lost lines of kings, princesses to rescue, evil gods to defeat or necromancers with deformed minions.  Oh, and no Wars to Save the World, either.  Think gentleman-explorers, rakes, scoundrels, spies, politicians and confidence tricksters.

My sci-fi: a hard sci-fi setting told via characters instead of tech or Power of Plot, supposing that Earth is only politically unified *after* we start colonising other planets, set in 2600, with much the same as the fantasy setting, but no magic and with a realistic means of interstellar travel.  There's no aliens, no cyborgs, minimal lasers, no AI gods about to destroy mankind, no mind control, no time travel and almost no faster-than-light.  Oh, and no Wars to Save the World, either.  Think soldiers, rakes, scoundrels, spies, politicians and confidence tricksters. get the idea. :)  I'll post up extracts from my writing, bits and bobs of universe-building, and perhaps even some supporting art.

Let's see how this goes.

Cheers for now,
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