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Sci-Fi: Strike Group 91 by Leovinas
Sci-Fi: Strike Group 91
This is a scale chart of the 14 starships-of-war and 8 corvettes of Strike Group 91, one of the newest formations in the fifth fleet - known as the Armward Fleet - of the United Earth Navy.  Commanded by Vice Admiral Evelynne Montclair aboard ENS Dar-es-Salaam, SG91 represents a significant percentage of the Armward Fleet's available naval and legionary assets.  Nicknamed the 'Fire Brigade', SG91 is currently deployed as the Armward Fleet's fast-response unit, operating out of Fort Vanguard over Acadia, in Delta Trianguli.  From Delta Tri, SG91 and its ships are able to reach anywhere within the Armward Fringe in a matter of days.

SG91's greatest claim to fame is its inclusion of the famous cruiser ENS Telstar, widely regarded as the best posing in the entire United Earth Navy, and seen as the plum command posting for ambitious commanders.  Telstar, the fifth ship to bear her name, is an iconic ship for the UEN and is widely expected to commence an exploration mission once her stint with SG91 is completed.  According to the rumour mill, candidates for her replacement include the celebrated cruisers Arethusa and Amithaera.

Typically, the Strike Group will travel with the two battleliners, Dar-es-Salaam and Antananarivo, at the core, accompanied by the area-defence cruiser Aubakirov between them.  As anti-shipping cruisers, Telstar and Deucalion will range ahead of the core as its attacking and pincer force.  Surrounding the formation will be a shell of escorts, with one of the smaller Archer-class escorts (normally Skylark or Broadsword) accompanying the core and the remainder operating alone and in pairs in the six cardinal directions from the battleliner pair.  Patrolling in the formation's extreme edges will be pairs of corvettes.

SG91 features in book one of my sci-fi and will appear in later volumes as well.
E.N.S. Vinmara Sea by Leovinas
E.N.S. Vinmara Sea
So far we've seen a cruiser, two battleliners and a corvette from my sci-fi; it's about time we saw the fourth, final variety of warship: the escort.  Filling the gap between corvettes and cruisers, escorts are the smallest starships-of-war, and are often specialised to particular roles within the fleet - fast picket, area defence, orbital warfare, and so on.

This is the Earth Naval Starship Vinmara Sea, an Aegean-Sea-class orbital warfare escort, named for the Vinmara Sea on Venus.  A variant of the highly successful Aegean Sea family of escorts, the Vinmara Sea is designed to take up orbit above a planet or moon, and control its surface and orbital heights completely.  Aided in this regard by her gunboats and extensive missile payload, the Vinmara Sea also carries a large number of kinetic javelins for orbit-to-surface warfare.  Although she customarily carries a platoon of United Earth Legionnaires, she is capable of embarking a full century for specific operations when required.  More often than not she carries humanitarian supplies rather than assault troops, however - orbital warfare ships are ideally suited to delivering aid to disaster zones, and this is arguably their main purpose on everyday operations.

Vinmara Sea is by no means a battle-line ship.  While cruisers might just-about be able to hold their own in the battle line, escorts cannot survive the crushing kinetic broadsides of a full line engagement; instead, Vinmara Sea fights with her missiles, preferably from a distance.  That said, for a ship her size, she is capable of laying down a formidable kinetic broadside, carrying fully three-fifths the guns of a much larger Odyssey-class cruiser.  Where she falls down, however, is her heavy guns: Vinmara Sea only carries four lanced-plasma turrets - more than sufficient to deal with any realistic threat within the same ball park as her own weight and acceleration, but nowhere near sufficient to compete with an anti-shipping cruiser, let alone a battleliner.

Extremely popular with ambitious young commanders, the orbital-warfare variant Aegean Seas are the Alliance's mainstay orbital warfare ship - large enough for most operations yet small enough to pull a very respectable acceleration considering the range of their other capabilities.  Like her other variant sister ships, Vinmara Sea is 540 metres long, masses 496 kilotons fully loaded, carries up to 12 small craft including gunboats and pinnaces, and can lay down a kinetic broadside of 30 300mm kinetic energy guns and between 4 and 8 420 mm lanced plasma guns in any direction; her 90 multi-vector anti-shipping missiles can engage targets up to a billion kilometres away, each carrying 12 independent attack vehicles.  She also carries 100 kinetic javelins for high-precision long-range or orbit-to-surface strikes.  She can accelerate safely at a maximum of 480 G and can last for 32 weeks before restocking and refuelling.
E.N.S. Geneva by Leovinas
E.N.S. Geneva
-- This is only my second ship design; comments welcome :) --

(Design updated 17/11/2014)

This is an example of the largest and most powerful kind of ship in my sci-fi: the starship of the battle line, or, more colloquially, the battle-line ship, or battleliner.

These ships are a combination of heavy artillery support ship, spacecraft carrier and mobile naval fort. One can dominate an entire stellar system, at the core of a Battleliner Strike Group, just one can dominate multiple stellar systems at once.

This is the United Earth Naval Starship Geneva, the class leader of the City of Geneva-class battleliners, which features early-on in the first book.

The City of Geneva-class is a new-ish class of battleliner fielded by the United Earth Navy. As replacements for the extremely popular Mount Everest-class that came before, the Genevas are unjustly maligned by many in the UEN, as they are smaller and considered less capable individually. They remain exceptional vessels, though.

These are the mainstay battleliners for the UEN; there are other, smaller classes of larger ships such as the huge Ascension Island-class ships or the UEN's flagship, the ENS Pelagic.

ENS Geneva is 1,282 metres long, masses 3.414 megatons fully loaded, carries up to 92 small craft including strikers, gunboats and pinnaces, and can lay down a kinetic broadside of 80 300mm kinetic energy guns and 40 420mm lanced-plasma guns in any direction; her 160 multi-vector anti-shipping missiles can engage targets over a billion kilometres distant, each one carrying up to 24 independent attack vehicles. She can safely accelerate at a maximum of 400 G and can last for 52 weeks before restocking and refuelling.
Combat Command (ENS Amithaera) by Leovinas
Combat Command (ENS Amithaera)
This is a deck plan of Combat Command (the bridge) aboard the Earth Naval Starship Amithaera (E.N.S. Amithaera), the central ship of the first book of my sci-fi.  Let me know what you think! :)

(arrows descend from high to low)

Much larger than Combat Command aboard the corvette ENS Song Jiang (Combat Command (ENS Song Jiang)), Combat Command aboard Amithaera reflects the far larger and more capable ship it lies at the heart of.  It remains recognisable as a command deck of a United Earth Navy ship: the huge holographic Canopy and the focal point of Centre Table remain the compartment's dominant features.  However, reflecting Amithaera's ability to remain deployed for months on end, and to carry large numbers of small craft, the command deck is larger, with a greater diversity of roles.  As ever, the Canopy shows multiple readouts and repeaters, as well as a real-time visualisation of the space around the ship, while Centre Table is a holographic chart table projecting the Main Plot of the ship's sensors.

As before, the Commander standing at Centre Table has a direct line of sight with almost every individual on deck, and just as the Commander stands at Centre Table, so too do the duty Tactical, Flight and Navigation officers stand in their respective areas of the deck.  The addition of large Flight Control, Fire Control, Damage Control and Legionary sections allows the command staff in Combat Command to keep abreast of each of the ship's key functions, and of all ship's operations.  The elevated Tactical and Flight nests allow the duty department officers there to survey the entire compartment at a glance, while the Navigation Pit at the front of the compartment allows all key personnel to keep abreast of the ship's projected course.  As ever, Combat Command is situated in the heat of the armoured citadel in the centre of the ship, affording it as much protection as possible from all sides.  
Combat Command (ENS Song Jiang) by Leovinas
Combat Command (ENS Song Jiang)
This is a deck plan of Combat Command (the bridge) aboard the Earth Naval Spaceship Song Jiang (E.N.S. Song Jiang), the central ship of the second book of my sci-fi.  Let me know what you think! :)

(arrows descend from high to low)

The focal point of any command deck is the officer in charge of the ship, whether that be the watchstanding duty officer, or the commander of the ship.  As a corvette, Song Jiang is commanded by a Lieutenant-Commander - an officer of the permanent rank of Lieutenant with the command of their own ship, and customarily addressed as Commander.  Two features dominate Combat Command - the Canopy, and Centre Table.  

Centre Table is the holographic chart table where the duty officer quite literally stands the watch (seats and braces can fold out from beneath it if desired); standing at Centre Table, an officer and their attendants - for instance, the Commander and Song Jiang's First Lieutenant - have direct line of sight to every other officer and crewmember on deck, and via the Main Plot hologram above Centre Table, and the overhead readouts and repeaters above, at-a-glance information from every ship's system and department.

The holographic Canopy is the largest feature of Combat Command; it customarily displays repeaters of major systems and readouts, dominated by the ship's real-time environment as seen from the prow (or leading edge) of the ship.  Normally keyed to the environment view, the Canopy is sufficiently clear that to the untrained eye, Combat Command will appear open to the vacuum of space, in spite of its position in the heart of the armoured citadel at the core of the ship.

Combat Command is normally manned by between six and eight crewmembers, although at Action Stations at other critical junctures, it is designed for a full crew of twelve officers and men.


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United Kingdom
I'm a young novelist living in the south of Britain, not too far from London. I write fantasy and sci-fi, and who knows, I may even put the occasional extract or image up on here. :) I also think a lot of people on DeviantArt do fantastic work; you guys rock!

I've been writing my fantasy since 2001 and my sci-fi since 2002.

Current Residence: Reading, United Kingdom
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Hello, world.

I'm on here to keep up with the great work that the other Deviants put up, and to add my own.

Give you an idea of what I'm working on:

My fantasy: a Napoleonic/Victorianesque created world with squabbling colonial empires, crumbling religions, Byzantine politics and a magic system that's as realisitic as I could get.  No elves, dwarves, dragons, super-powerful magical artefacts, forgotten scions of long-lost lines of kings, princesses to rescue, evil gods to defeat or necromancers with deformed minions.  Oh, and no Wars to Save the World, either.  Think gentleman-explorers, rakes, scoundrels, spies, politicians and confidence tricksters.

My sci-fi: a hard sci-fi setting told via characters instead of tech or Power of Plot, supposing that Earth is only politically unified *after* we start colonising other planets, set in 2600, with much the same as the fantasy setting, but no magic and with a realistic means of interstellar travel.  There's no aliens, no cyborgs, minimal lasers, no AI gods about to destroy mankind, no mind control, no time travel and almost no faster-than-light.  Oh, and no Wars to Save the World, either.  Think soldiers, rakes, scoundrels, spies, politicians and confidence tricksters. get the idea. :)  I'll post up extracts from my writing, bits and bobs of universe-building, and perhaps even some supporting art.

Let's see how this goes.

Cheers for now,
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